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Do you know how much an Export Manager costs to a company?

Sometimes a lot more than a company can really afford.

With Luxalia you can save up to 70% thanks to our integrated and proven Export Management network already active in over 50 countries.

Do you know that every day your competitors use an internalization process?

In fact, every day, Luxalia receives requests for the activation of this service by brands that aspire to export their products to the most varied sectors and foreign markets.


Over 200 Export Managers and Agents in the World


More than 5000 brands and retailers registered on Luxalia


Starting from 500 euros *


  • Detailed qualitative analysis of the competition in over 50 markets of our coverage.

  • Mapping of potential new customers in the markets jointly selected with the brand.

  • Mother tongue manager able to take care of the export management path in all its phases.

  • Use of management software with advanced technology, able to calculate the percentage of risk and response of the product on a given market.

  • Monthly qualitative and quantitative reporting of the development of the requested markets.

  • Our Export Management service ensures up to 30% commercial penetration in the reference markets.

Expand your business with Luxalia.

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