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GIT Srl - Visual
Working in behalf of third coats and sporting classics for men and women, GIT turns your creativity into finished garments. GIT takes care each phase of your project from sketch to finished product.
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Pontedera (PI), Italy
Year Founded
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1,47 Euro
Main markets
Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States
Git is a façonner evolved and integrated inside which includes the digital prototyping process from pattern to the fabric pattern, from sdifettato sample for production to project engineering, through the development of computerized sizes and optimization of fabrics and materials. Git also offers delivery on angers ready and custom packaging for the distribution and sale, or upon customer request sending to the store. Git comes with a solid, yet flexible structure in order to offer customers the same care, and technical expertise to both large productions and for more limited productions. The production cycle, internally managed, includes cutting, adhesive, sewing, packaging, finishing and ironing, up to finished and packed.
Are you a fashion designer and would like to see your talent made?
GIT can be your modeling department, your manufacturing plant, up to the distribution logistics, without you having to invest in staff, facilities and technologies, because we already did.
You have the structure, but want to expand your range or increase productivity?
With the ability to work 50,000 garments per year and having all of the processing steps inside, GIT supports you in your business by integrating your own range for the leaders of which have no expertise or enhancing your production numbers.
Do you want only a part and not the whole thing?
With GIT can enter and leave the productive cycle as and when you want, depending on your needs because GIT is cut on your size!
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