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Baccaro Group rappresenta l’eccellenza nel settore calzaturiero italiano da cinque... »

Mastro Segalin

Handmade Shoes for 90 Years »

Massimo Melchiorri Designer

Massimo Melchiorri Designer is a stylistic consultancy and creation of luxury men’s... »

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Produced by: Massimo Melchiorri Designer

LRaw-edged calfskin sneakers. The sophisticated play of overlapping and interlocking... »

Sneakers Orlando Black

Produced by: Massimo Melchiorri Designer

Raw-edged calf leather sneakers. The sophisticated game of overlapping ed expresses... »

Sneakers Orlando Night Blu White

Produced by: Massimo Melchiorri Designer

Calf leather sneakers with a polished raw-cut. The sophisticated play of overlapping... »

Sneakers Orlando Night...

Produced by: Massimo Melchiorri Designer

Sneakers in braided calf leather.
The sophisticated overlapping and dovetailing... »

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