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Santostefano - Visual
In Italo Ferretti, for almost 30 years the makers of Brioni ties, the italian sartorial tradition, first class materials and meticulous quality control meet to give life to the finest custom luxury neckties, bow ties and accessories.
Business name
Santostefano di Italo Ferretti
Categories of Products / Services
No category
Silvi Marina (TE), Italy
Year Founded
Number of employees
Main markets
Italy, United Arab Emirates, United States
Abruzzo, a region of great sartorial tradition in the heart of Italy, is our land. We are proud to bring all over the world the great craftmanship Made in Silvi, the city where our company was founded and in which, year after year, for two generations, has grown and strengthened. We are very proud of our roots, of belonging to the place called, rightly in our view, “the pearl of the Adriatic”. The strong and gentle nature of Abruzzo has always inspired our work. The sea of our city, the beach with white, almost silvery sand, inspire and enrich us every day. The warm and welcoming hospitality typical of people of Abruzzo, is renewed in our approach to contact with customers.
Italo Ferretti boasts several patents that make our bespoke ties truly unique and exclusive, with a quality standard among the highest in the world, and a comfort like no other.
Product Certifications
The Balanced Tie - Patent N° 00065
The reinforcement applied to the tail, made of the same fabric of the tie, the three additional sewings and the double flaps make the tail much more heavy and solid. Thanks to this particular patent, ties are much more balanced and stable.

The Anti-crease Seam
Thanks to the invention of the anti-crease seam, Italo Ferretti was able to solve the problem of ”overlapping” of the fabric of the tie that is usually created at the collar. Thanks to this particular process, the fabric remains perfectly neat and smooth under the collar and also the knot’s capacity is favored.

The Tie Holder - Patent N° 0233119
All the ties created by Italo Ferretti are further enhanced by a special tie holder called “navetta”, a simple and ingenious accessory that helps keeping the tie in its proper position. An effective and smart alternative to the tie clip.

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