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Via Calzabigi

Via Calzabigi

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Via Calzabigi - Visual
Via Calzabigi is a dynamic sock brand and we are located in Livorno, on the Tuscan coast. Our mission is to create awesome socks with fine yarns and eccentric designs to allow men and women to customize their own style.
Business name
Via Calzabigi srl
Categories of Products / Services
Livorno (LI), Italy
Year Founded
Number of employees
Main markets
Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Namibia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
Via Calzabigi is an ambitious project by two friends: marketing maestro Alessandro, and designer Massimo. The street Via Calzabigi in Livorno, on the Tuscan coast, a street always close to our heart, and now close to our feet.The rest is simple, its all about Socks. We enjoy designing and producing socks: fun socks, zany socks, short socks and knee-high socks.Socks are the only true unisex accessory that can create complicity between a man and a woman.
We constantly study the trends to design awesome socks and to allow our customers to personalize their own style.We enjoy telling innovative stories about socks and our marketing operations, including the way we display them, aim at generating a pleasant addiction.
Via Calzabigi socks can donate a touch of color and classy eccentricity to men and women and the quality of our fine yarns generates loyalty and a pleasant addiction. We are determined to give the socks the identity they deserve. Our stylists are inspired by the great abstract painters such as Klee, Mondrian and Kandisky but our glamorous designs are always the result of our engagement with the international communities of sock lovers. We do believe that socks should not be matched to shoes or trousers and people should not think too much about how to select a pair of socks. We dream a world where people get up in the morning and, after a nice shower and a healthy breakfast, they just open a drawer stuffed with quality socks and pick their favorite pair depending on their mood! We have several packaging and display solutions for shops and boutiques.
We produce in our plants which comply with all quality control regulations.
Product Certifications
We only use certified organic yarns. Our cotton is Filart 30 (Italian origin) and we use 168/200/220 nails machines.

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