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thermal gap pad, gap filler

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thermal gap pad, gap filler

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Category: Clothes / Overalls

Collection: thermal interface materials

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GLPOLY has always marked the major parameters of thermal gap pad (thermal silicone pad), many of the peers will not do this.
There are many thermal gap pad manufacturers in China, but just few of them dedicate to improve the performance in regard of technology. Both thermal conductivity and thermal resistance are crucial to performance of thermal gap pad, 2.0W/mK----5.0W/mK of thermal conductivity is enough for thermal management of consumer electronics, most of manufacturer are able to achieve it.
Customers often found that when they bought some thermal gap pads with the some thermal conductivity from different suppliers, they will get different test result. Why? Because they only care about thermal conductivity and ignore the other factor----thermal resistance. Most of manufacturers will not mark thermal resistance on data sheet, you can check it out on their website.
Why is GLPOLY willing to mark this critical parameter? Because we are confident that our products provides better performance with a lower thermal resistance. The raw materials are imported from Germany and it is reworked in GLPOLY by nanoscale grinder for reducing particle size and optimizing contact between particles. GLPOLY is the only who does this process.
Many customers want to find a substitute for foreign brand such as Bergquist, Laird or Fujipoly, but they can’t get similar result even they use similar thermal gap pad. one of our customer engaged in millimeter wave radar had used Laird thermal pad with 5.0W/mK of thermal conductivity which can decrease temperature from 100 degree to 60 degree. They had tried several brand and found no one can meet their requirements. When they found GLPOLY, we provided thermal silicone pad XK-P50 after we learned application detail and promise that all data are real ones from test. After one-week high temperature aging test, temperature remained at 61 degree. Cuntomer felt surprised and satisfied, because GLPOLY is the only who can met their requirements.
GLPOLY XK-P50 is soft, wet-out thermal gap pad which features 5.0W/mK of thermal conductivity and 0.21℃in2/W of thermal resistance. This material can fill and wet out interface, decreasing the thermal resistance.
GLPOLY thermal interface materials had been used in weapons whhich showed on National Day Parade. DJI, Huawei and UFI had applied GLPOLY thermal interface materials and no quality complaint issued in 5 consecutive years.
GLPOLY delivers irresistible quality thermal interface materials helping you design breakthroughs.

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