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Christopher DiCas Le Parfum Extrait


Extraordinary perfume with woody, oriental notes that seduce the senses

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A mixture of vintage, intensely floral, with unique spicy aromas and woods. An elixir whose unusually high content achieves a blend of strength and softness. A scent born through a creative expertise and capacity, and only a few drops are enough to indicate the power. A flavor whose brutish charm refined evolves in its own special way in each skin. Reveals unique facets, like a trademark that stands out from the rest.
It is known that the oud is not a note is a composition calls for the inspiration of the designer. It is a real challenge, because it has multiple interpretations. Each perfumer has its own oud fragrance, his own vision. The Christopher DiCas Le Parfum is a modern oriental oud fragrance, so it is content to sensuality. It is sensitive and touching.
In the top notes there is a bouquet of exotic, sensual notes such as basil Thai, French lavender, wormwood, sage, bamboo, magnolia and Cretan iris open the escence with a complex, spicy, simultaneous cool and sweet feeling.
The multifaceted and complex heart of the fragrance is based on rare and exotic wood essences and flowers. Grapefruit, ginger, cedarwood atlas and sandalwood come alive with a touch of cardamom, and then wrapped by the intoxicating notes of jasmine and cloves, accompanied with mastic. Mastic is a highly aromatic compound, cultivated on southern Chios island, known for its beneficial effects but also for its sweet, rich aroma.
In the dry down pure essential oils, extracted directly from raw materials of better quality, such as tobacco, oak moss and dapne leaves, mixed with a touch of soft leather, and cashmere. Then, two ingredients complete the base: patchouli vieux, a fine essential oil aged for over five years in oak barrels until it develops a rich, velvety personality and sensual musk, which is manufactured by experienced craftsmen in Egypt from natural ingredients and is considered the best musk in the world.
The nose and the artistic designer of the fragrance is Christopher DiCas." - a note from the brand.

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